Friday, May 2, 2008

Our first trip-12 days old

Well, we made it! We drove down to my parent's (Mummo and Ukki) house in Boerne on Wednesday. We filled the back of the passat with baby gear and our clothes (we were going to stay ONE night!) and then with the 2 kids in the middle and us in front we were fully loaded! It took forever to get out of the house with naps, packing, loading car, taking Tillie to boarding at work and then having to feed the baby-but we finally got there at about 8 pm or so (better 2 hours late than never, right?!).
We then had our professional photos taken on Thursday of our new family and mainly of Suvi and Markku. We spent 2 hours at the photographer's-but I am sure we got some great pictures of us and especially of the 2 kids and even Suvi alone. I am very excited to see them. It will be hard to choose only a few!
We were having so much fun at Ukki and Mummo's that we decided to stay another night and then that turned into another day as well! We finally got home around 5 pm today-and then had to do everything in reverse! Unpack, get Tillie, feed baby, feed Markku, get to grocery store, etc! It is 8:30 and I am utterly exhausted (and Heikki was here to do most things either for or with me!)
When I picked up Tillie, I brought Suvi into work and showed her off to my co-workers and also weighed her-she was 8 lbs! At least I know she is eating. She had not pooped in about 3 days so I had been worried, but then today she exploded-it leaked out the front AND back of her diaper and all over me and her outfit! She got an early bath today! At least I don't have to worry this weekend about her being constipated. Even though I had Markku just 2 years ago, it is easy to forget things like how much they should poop.
Markku is still doing well. He loves flowers-he picks them all the time. It started with dandelions so I didn't stop him. But now-it's any and all flowers he sees. It can take forever if we walk by a wildflower field! He then puts them in his pocket-or in mine. I sometimes forget to take them out before laundry-that makes a mess in the washer! Sometimes I find rocks or even broken pieces of glass or plastic he finds and thinks are special. He is my little collector.
Well, it is bed time and I better get both kids ready now!

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ColeBugsmommy said...

What a wonderful time, I'm sorry I missed her today!