Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Getting Settled-9 days old

We are starting to adjust to our new lives-but that means being very tired most of the time. Suvi wants to eat about every 2 hours- so I am kept quite busy with that. Markku is starting to get more jealous-he has a little tantrum when I feed Suvi on the left side (he thinks that is his side!). But he is a really good big brother the rest of the time and loves to kiss her and pat her head. He is surprisingly gentle with her. When is out of the house, and about to return home, he gets exicted to see me and says: "Mama!" Then he says: "Baby!". So he does expect her to be here with me!
Suvi had her first bath last night-she didn't like it as you can tell from the photo. She had another one tonight because she decided to poop all over her and me! We are doing yet another load of laundry now!
We are planning our first mini trip-down to mummo Frederick's tomorrow night. We'll see how that goes!

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Joey said...

Wow, she's so healthy and perfect looking. I just want to hold her so bad! I've been meaning to visit you during a lunch break, but keep getting stuck at work w/ ultrasounds, work-ins, etc etc. I think Markku looks like his dad and Suvi has your features.