Thursday, June 13, 2013

End of an era, Start some New Beginnings!

Time sure goes fast these days. We have been busy as usual. So busy I haven't blogged even. But there is so much that has happened it is intimidating to start!
This is a cute picture of Kai riding my little bike from when I was young. Trust me, that is a pretty old bike! He only goes a mile an hour with it, maybe slower. We have to stop and pick up roly polies, leaves and such along the way and he stops and stares at ant hills. Even so, it is cute to watch him have fun. He wants to take it when we pick up Markku from school, but that would take forever, so I we haven't tried that yet (and now it is summer).

Speaking of summer, that means we had the end of school here the first week of June. Suvi ended preschool, and we will truly miss her wonderful teachers and the staff at First United Methodist Church in San Marcos. We had Ms. Ron and Ms. Becky for 2 years and Suvi has just thrived in her school environment. Finishing preschool is so bittersweet. We are excited to start "real" school in the fall, but will really miss these guys! Kai will likely start the following fall, so it will just be a little break!
 Suvi and Ms Ron
 Suvi and Ms Becky
Markku also finished up his school year at Negley Elementary. He had a good first grade and is enjoying not having to go to school now! He is a very good student, which is really not surprising. He is currently reading chapter books (DRA level 34, which means very little to me!) He does like reading, and one of his favorite books to read is a book all about space and another all about Crested Geckos. He loves his non-fiction, but enjoys a good story hear and there as well.
 As we finished up the school year, he had a fun filled Field day. He won 2 first place ribbons in a foot race (about 100 yards) and he really is a good runner. His class also won the tug of war, which is very exciting as his class also won it last year!
Here he is with Zane, his good friend from first grade.
End of school year also means Dance recital time! Suvi participated in her third dance recital this year. She had a Tap routine to "ABC, 123" and a ballet routine to "A Whole new World"-I think from Aladdin, or one of the princess movies! She really enjoys dance and this year I did let her put on some make-up for the recital as well! 
My beautiful dancer

 Suvi and her friend Marli
Receiving her flowers after recital

Standing with Ukki after recital.
 We will be planning on trying Suvi on pre-team next year, to see if she will start competitive dance in the future. I am not a dancer, so it is very exciting for me to think she could be that good! Her Aunt Kaisa is a dancer, so it is in her genes...

With end of school also comes my birthday. This is not super exciting for me these days, but it was for the kids! They love birthdays, even if it is not theirs! I turned 41 (part of why I am not so excited to have these birthdays any more) this June and had a great day celebrating with my family. Heikki and I went out the night before on a little date night. We saw a movie, had a great dinner and took a walk around Ladybird Lake in Austin (aka Town Lake). It was around sunset, and a really nice night.
Heikki with the Austin skyline

 Me with the Austin Skyline
On my actual birthday we had a busy day. We got to sleep in, a rarity when you have 3 young children (they were at my mom's !). Then we picked up kids and had  a nice birthday brunch with them and the kids before heading off to Austin for a birthday for one of Suvi's friends. I just loved this shot of her in a tutu while bowling granny style! It was a fun girls only time, as Heikki had the boys with him at an RC car show.
We are finally through our spring birthdays and moving into summer. I am sure we will stay busy: we have Dance for Suvi (starting jazz this summer too) and lots of swimming. We will have a few trips as well. I wish I had a summer break from work to spend more fun times with the kids...