Thursday, May 15, 2008


Markku had his first dentist visit and first haircut this week! We have been busy. The dentist didn't go well-it started with dragging him from the trains in the waiting room. Then they wanted to see in his mouth which he hates to show anyone! I am not sure they saw much, but the dentist just looked in there and then said to come back in a year! They did tell me to brush and FLOSS! Is this a joke I asked? I can barely brush those teeth. But today, he did let me floss about 5 teeth!

Today we got his haircut! It was so hard because we cut off his baby curls! Of course I saved them, but it is very sad to look at him without the curls! But it was getting long. Last night he looked like Donald Trump with a comb over! (His hair is so thin). I have posted pics of the haircut, but forgot to take pics of the dentist. It was a fun place with cars to sit in and movies to watch, right inside toys R us. They even used clippers on his side burn areas and the nape of his neck!

Suvi smiles now-after eating, before sleeping and sometimes just because. She is so pretty. She is almost 4 weeks old! I never seem to have enough hands to take a picture when she smiles, but trust me, it is beautiful. I will try a bottle on her real soon and then I can have a little more freedom. I am supposed to go to a work conference in about 2-3 weeks or so. It is full day lecture with small breaks and 1.5 hr lunches. I will need her on a bottle then! (My mom is coming too so she can watch the kids-it is only in San Antonio). I can't believe how fast time is going.


Kiri said...

I love Markku's haircut. He is looking like a 2 year old now. So grown up! Suvi is so sweet. You lucked out, you have 2 cute kids!

Ken said...

Where did he get thin hair-my mane is thick and luxurious as I look in the mirror!