Friday, May 30, 2008

First smiles

Suvi has been smiling for a few weeks, but now she will smile at you when you look at her and talk to her. She was smiling and even sounded like a laugh with Heikki the other day:

And here is when she got her first bottle on Wednesday morning. Markku was so upset: he thought the bottles and milk should be for him! I thought he would want to breast feed again, but he never has. Instead he wants her bottles!

We had a few tough days this week. On Tuesday we had to go get my signature notarized and some money orders for Heikki and the kids Finnish citizenship. Markku was a wild man at the post office and of course there was a long line. So afterward we were too tired to cook and decided to go out and get food. We used Markku's last diaper at the bank, but he went again! So Heikki left him without a diaper-very dangerous. We decided we had to get right home! But then I noticed Suvi had a poopy diaper and it was going everywhere. She hadn't pooped in a week, so imagine...It went all over her clothes and I forgot a spare outfit, so she left in justa diaper (after a washdown in the bathroom!) and Markku left minus a diaper. Could it get any harder? The next day, Suvi just wouldn't sleep and cried a lot. I was so tired and frustrated-I just didn't want to have to hold her all the time. I wanted a little time for myself. I sleep with her next to me, nurse her 8-10 times a day, and hold her in the sling up next to my body for hours. Heikki was home but both of us thought we would have a breakdown. Luckily Heikki realized I needed a break and watched both kids-yup, both of them for the first time- so I could go for a run. Of course it was 10,000 degrees outside but it was exercise and time alone.

I started running again about 2 weeks ago and have worked up to about 3 miles in 30 some odd minutes. Of course running involves feeding Suvi, then pumping then going for the run and having to hurry so I can get home and shower before her next feeding! It is hard to get going with the heat and humidity lately, but it feels good to be exercising. Yesterday and today Suvi slept well (in her swing) and was really good. Heikki asked if we switched babies! I think she is just good for Kiri, our nanny, as those are the days she was here! But, then again everything is easier with 3 adults when you have 2 children!


Jennifer said...

When you read this post a few years from now, you will laugh because you will have forgotten how hectic it used to be! I love the picture of Suvi drinking and Markku distraught - you can not explain or understand in those situations!

ColeBugsmommy said...

I can't believe how much she's changed!