Saturday, May 10, 2008

Fears and follies

We are all still in 1 piece, yeah! I feel very drained each day but am making it through without crying. I can't say the same for my 2 kids-Markku cries more than ever these days. Over not getting juice, if he even slightly bumps his head, if I nurse Suvi on the "wrong" side. Suvi cries too, but I really don' t know why yet. Tonight we had a thunderstorm-there was a really loud crack of thunder and Markku jumped, started crying and literally flew into my arms. He was so scared. He cried for the entire 20 minutes of the storm. He has never cried during storms before-well, there was a night time one and he was crying but it was hard to tell over what as he was so sleepy. Tonight was just so sad. He cuddled up so close to me and would hide his head behind me with every clap of thunder. I tried to pretend nothing was happening-we watched Bob the Builder and sang songs but he (and Tillie) were both scared. It finally ended and then he acted like nothing happened. Lets hope no more storms for awhile!

Tonight when he went to bed we had 3 blankies, 1 towel (still damp from the bath), 1 stuffed kitty Allie and 1 stuffed Tillie dog, 1 school bus, 1 train, 1 truck (Bob the builder truck Scoop), 4 pieces of train track and his night light turtle in his crib. He walks around looking for that special "thing" to put in his crib and then he walks over to have me put him in! He was putting together the train track when I turned out the light! That was after we read 4 books (1 on tractors, 2 on trains and 1 Alaska moose book).

Suvi took her longest nap today- 4 hours. It was nice but I was wearing her in a sling so not as nice as if she were in a crib! She would have slept even longer but her Aunt Joanna from London was visiting and wanted to say hi! She is now asleep in the sling again. Dr. Sears would be very happy but Dr. Ferber would be saying I am stating bad sleep associations! (They are both pediatricians with differing opinions on how to have babies sleep). But if I don't put her in the sling, she won't sleep for even an hour! She only sleeps about 12 hours a day-supposedly she should be sleeping 18 or more! She is dreaming right now-she is making funny noises and fluttering her eyes and shaking her arms-like when Tillie dreams! She is so sweet. She smiles so pretty-not at things we directly do, but just at various times of the day.

I have to go and fold 2 loads of laundry now and make a mother's day card because of course I never got out of the house to go and buy one. I kept trying but it was always time to feed the baby! I really feel that is all I do. I wasn't quite ready to venture out with 2 kids to try to look at cards! Hopefully my mom will understand-she really does so much for me (painting Suvi's and Markku's rooms, hanging pictures, babysitting, cooking dinner while she babysits for me, gardening and being a really special friend to my son...) I really am spoiled. Thank goodness she lives so close. She certainly deserves a good mother's day. I am going to try to make it down there tomorrow morning, but we'll see what time I actually get there!


kris10staggs said...

Keep up the good work, Casey. The first six weeks are the hardest--it seems like all the baby wants to do is eat. Rest whenever you get the chance.

Alissa said...

Happy Mother's Day!