Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day and Markku's 2nd Birthday!!!!!

Well we have been busy! Yesterday was Mother's Day and we went down to Boerne to spend it with my parents (and because we had to pick up Heikki at the San Antonio airport). It was a good day with swimming and relaxing (a nap for me!) and a nice dinner. Markku actually ate meat (porkchops) so that was great! My mother's Day gift was a hand-made card by Heikki- he drew a picture of him with an aiprlane, Markku and Suvi-then had everyone on the airplane sign it (all the passengers!). It was very cute (lucky for him that they were cooperative-otherwise he would have been out of luck! His procrastination did benefit him this time. I took a photo of the card so you can see it...

Markku also had a very important day-his 2nd Birthday! (Suvi is 3 weeks old as of yesterday) We went to Dr. Patil-his pediatrician who we love- and he weighs 29 pounds is 35 inches tall-he is in the 90% percentile for height and 50-75% for weight (and >97% for head size). He is so big now! We celebrated with my parents last night and then with his nanny Kiri, and our friend's Jesse and Rachel and their 8 week old daughter Nina-seen in a photo above with Suvi. He got a garbage truck (a gu as he calls it), many trains and train stuff like a flashlight, blanket and T-shirt, some books and a play airport. He also got his first piggy bank-or rather an airplane bank! Now he can start saving money! He got 2 birthday cakes so far-yesterday and today. He learned how to blow out candles! I think he had a good day. We have another birthday party when his mummo Laukkanen and Bill, Uncle Mikko and Aunt Joanna return next week. He will think he always has birthdays!


Kiri said...

Those pictures are adorable EXCEPT the one of me. Ha Ha. I hope Markku had a good birthday even though he did not know what was really going on. Those cards were a cute idea from Heikki too. Well see you all tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Great card Heikki! Well played:)