Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sick babies

Well, I knew it might happen and it did. Air travel comes with the risk of getting sick. Both Markku and Suvi are sick now. Markku is cranky and has a cough and runny nose. Suvi is coughing and sneezing and very congested. She woke up every hour last night. I was so afraid this would happen-and it did. Bummer. I hate hearing Suvi breathe when she is so congested-it makes me feel so bad for her.
Heikki also called in sick to work for 1 day, so at least he is home for about 28 hours to help me out. I just hope I don't get sick too...
It is Heikki and my 5th anniversary today. We are not celebrating (he wasn't supposed to be home) and it makes me sad that we don't plan something...Obviously with 2 sick kids we can't just run off. I wouldn't trade them for the world though. Actually, Heikki has worked 3 out of the past 4 anniversaries we have had! He was there for the wedding of course, but other than that his job takes him away for most anniversaries, birthdays and holidays. As he would say, "You knew what you were getting into when you married a pilot!", but to be fair, he was only a flight instructor then and was home every night....we didn't even have kids until he started being away nights!
So we spent the morning recovering from a rough night with Suvi, then went for a run together with the kids in the jogging stroller and Tillie. It was so hot by the time we got out, I could barely pick my feet up to run! Then we just continued on with routine daily stuff-paying bills cleaning and getting kids to napping. Not real exciting stuff, but since I hate the idea of grocery shopping alone with 2 kids, I'll take Heikki doing it for me instead of dinner out! Maybe after I have adjusted better to being a mom of 2 kids we can get back to couple time! Right now we are just trying to survive. (And that is ok with me!)

Friday, June 20, 2008

More Suvi smiles and she is now definitely smiling at things we do and say and this is her on her play mat.

We have been very busy this month (hence no posts! My birthday (June 2)! It was very uneventful- we had a nice dinner out but no dessert because the kids started being fussy. I was sad as I wanted some dessert (but to be honest, the baby weight is not coming off as easily this time. It was probably better I skipped it since I have had cake at 5 different birthdays!) We have some pictures of Suvi in her party dress on my birthday (someone may as well be dressed for the party!)

I had a work conference in San Antonio the first weekend of June (5-7). My parents stayed with the kids and I at a hotel in Downtown San Antonio (no pictures from here yet as my mom took them all). But we had so much fun (even me at the conference). Markku got to ride the trolley (he called it a train), the boat ride on the river walk, just spending time with mummo and Ukki (Ukki let him have candy, juice, even iced tea!). My parents would come to the conference hall during my breaks so I could nurse Suvi and we were able to meet for lunch. It was great, but also made me realize how tired I still am! It was so much easier having 3 adults around to help with the kids.
Markku started his new swim class (he is the one on the yellow turtle) where I don't get into the pool with him! He does very well and listens to his swim teacher-at least so far. It is amazing to see how well he can swim (good thing since we have invested a lot into it!). It will now be possible for me to bring Suvi and then hopefully start her when she is 6 months old.

Then we went to Washington state this past weekend for Heikki's uncle's memorial service. Uncle Mikko passed away last month from a heart attack (but he had multiple health problems). Although a sad reason to get together, it was a lot fun to see everyone again. Suvi got to meet her Aunt Kaisa and Uncle John:

which is Heikki's sister and brother in law and my sister Jenn from Portland, Or.:

Markku even got to meet a camel that belongs to Bill (Mummo Laukkanen's fiancee). He was a little scared but did feed her carrots.

Now we are home with Markku sick with a cold (bummer) and Suvi had her 2 month well check. She is now 12 lbs 11.5 oz and 23.5 inches (90% percentile). She is healthy-no cold so far but we are watching closely. I am exhausted and trying to get everything in order again and schedules back (naps were forgotten on the trip!). I have 1 month more of maternity leave to get things settled.

So much going on