Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Heikki's last day off!

Today is Heikki's last day off-although is is only on call tomorrow. He may have another day off, but we will have to see! I am a little nervous (ok-a lot nervous) about tending to 2 children by myself! I do have Kiri's help some days, but will have to do it alone a lot of the time. I am especially worried about bedtime-the baths and reading books and all that. We may be up till midnight!

We went to see the photos that were taken last week. They are really precious-I can't wait to get them! You should see our new family! They are of course ridiculously expensive, but my mom bought a bunch so we can have some of them!

Suvi is crying with her dad now-so I guess I should get back to them before she wakes up her brother. I will try to post new photos of her later! It is hard because the ones I take are no where near as nice as the ones the photographer took. So I keep erasing thema nd trying again. I guess I have to not be so picky!).

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