Saturday, May 16, 2009

Back up to March...

Since I am sooooo far behind, I thought I would take it month by month to catch everyone up! So, back to March! We went to the Kite Festival in Zilker Park, here in Austin.

Markku flew his first Kite. He was pretty good at it-it stayed up in the air and he even took down another kite! He could be a Kite Runner!

One day in early March Markku was out with me drawing on the driveway with chalk. He decided to draw Tillie (our dog). He came up with this picture:

It was his first drawing that actually wasn't scribble! See her body, legs nose and tail?

What a cute boy. He was playing in the closet while Heikki packed for a trip and found Heikki's old Navy cover (hat). He liked wearing it.

Here's me with kids, hanging out:

On March 25, my mother in law got married in Maui, Hawaii. We had a grand adventure with the whole Laukkanen family (well, almost everyone...). Here is a sampling of photos-I took a lot!

Markku and Suvi meet the Pacific ocean. Markku is a little fearful. He told me: " Mar no like dat water. It's too loud!" What a great description of the crashing waves-too loud! Suvi on the other hand loved the ocean. She even surfed for the first time! Markku loved the sand and the kayak:

Here he is playing with his cousin Dashiell. They did ok-except both wanted to play with the one truck we had!
Markku and Suvi were adorable in their wedding attire-Suvi a pretty pink dress with polka dots for her mummo, and Markku in an aloha shirt and khakis.
The wedding was at a ranch on top of a mountain, overlooking th eocean. It was a beautiful day. Mirjami was a gorgeous bride and Bill looked pretty great himself! The Laukkanen's can really clean up!
Isa loves to put on a show with the kids. Look at Suvi fly! We tried hard to get a family pic, but the kids would not cooperate. So this is what we got!
Suvi and her aunt Kaisa, and Suvi with Aunt Liisa and her boyfriend Johan. I mean Suvi's boyfriend by the way. They were very smitten with each other! Suvi just loved him!
Aunt Liisa, cousin Ava and Suvi with a happy Dashiell.

Markku spelling out the sign we found. Quiet Trees at Work! Hidden semi-private beach.
Hiking, sight seeing, trip to the aquarium, hanging out and eating, and watching sunsets rounded out our great vacation! If you think our March was busy, just wait until I post April! Aloha!