Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Well, we have once again been super busy and I am apparantly not a good blogger! But, we did have a 3 week adventure to Finland (the kids and my first trip) and Denmark, and then in order to continue to survive financially after 3 weeks with no work, I have been working non-stop for the past month!

Markku is really enjoying his pre-school he goes to twice a week. He is starting to get how to hold a pencil properly (a feat his pediactrician said he should have mastered a year ago, but his teachers say is perfectly normal for him not to get it until he is 5) and has made friends he tells me about! He really wants to ride his bike with "only 2 wheels", meaning no training wheels. We have this handle my mom got for us to hold on as he rides, and he will go for 10 seconds or so without Heikki hanging on. Probably the worst thing for us, well Heikki in particular, is that he has recently picked up a SOUTHERN ACCENT! It is really crazy-most people around here do not have accents as they have moved from other places. This is Texas, not the deep south. But, nonetheless, he has started to say "Ye-ah" and really has quite the drawl. Not sure if that will last, but it sure is there now.

Suvi is really talking now, although there are still many things I do not understand right away. She has been talking in sentences for about 2 weeks now. She still really loves animals-especially horses and a "baby sheep" she got for Easter. She has a few strange words, like for Markku she says "Se-ta" or something like that. She really doesn't say Isa yet, but when I think I hear her it sounds like sha sha like Markku used to say. She is my artist-she loves to draw and color and sing. She has been holding a pencil correctly for about a year now! The difference between boys and girls is amazing. She turns 2 this month, I can not believe that!

I will hopefully post an entry soon about our amazing trip to Finland, and figured this was a good start. At least I logged on!