Friday, May 9, 2008

Surviving alone

Heikki was called in to work today for a 3 day trip. He will get home on Mother's day at least. I did have Kiri here this am to help ease me in to the transition of being a part-time single parent! She left at 2 pm-when I thought I had Markku down for his nap! Of course he took over an hour to fall asleep! But then Suvi and I managed to take a nap as well.
I was able to successfully make dinner (well-rice with veggies, applesauce), eat dinner, go for a short walk around the block with 2 kids and a dog, and then started bath time. Mostly our afternoon went well, but at one point at dinner both Markku and Suvi were crying-Markku wanted more rice- but not from my bowl. But of course, that was all that was left. Suvi was just hungry too I think. They settled down on their own after about 5 minutes thank goodness. (Just before I got stressed.) Then Markku was a doll for Suvi's bath. I use her bathtub in our kitchen sink and although I had put in a new DVD-Bob the Builder) for him, he carried over a little play vet office and sat at my feet playing. Then it was his bath time and I wish I could say Suvi was as well behaved. She cried, wanting to be held and possibly she was hungry again (how can it be, I had just fed her right?!). I had to let her cry while I washed Markku, brushed his teeth and got him dressed. It was very hard on all of us. Next time I will feed her immediately before Markku's bath I think. We read stories and put Markku to bed at 9 pm! I started getting ready for the baths at around 7:15 pm-it took forever! Suvi only just fell asleep after 10 pm. I am exhausted!

A few cute things before I go:
Markku saw Suvi lying on the floor yesterday and tried to pick her up-but he seemed to know he shouldn't and just looked at me and Heikki for help! We helped him get her settled on his lap. He really likes holding her and kissing her.

Markku has a funny habit of bringing things to bed with him. The other day he brought his 3 tillies (blankets), a stuffed cat Allie, stuffed dog Tillie, 2 buses, 1 airplane, about 5 trains, 1 large train book, a pick up truck, his night light constellation turtle, and his hair brush. There was barely any room for him. When he woke up I found most of the stuff piled on top of each other at one end and was sprawled in the other end with his feet on the big pile! I wish I had my camera there!

Suvi is opening her eyes more every day. She looks around in wonderment at the world around her. She loves to look at me! She actually slept in her crib for the first time today for a short nap (about 40 minutes), and in her bassinet for 1 hour last night. She usually sleeps with me (I know she isn't supposed too, but I am too exhausted to let her cry it out in her bassinet). She is still so tiny and really seems to need the closeness. Pretty soon she'll be slamming doors in my face and rolling her eyes at me, so I will spend the time with her now. She already has to cry more than Markku ever did as sometimes I just can't get to her or hold her when I have to work with Markku.

I sure can't wait till Sunday when Heikki comes home! He helps out more than I ever realized (although it is nice not to have to clean up after him and the 2 kids!). I am jealous of people whose husbands come home every night-but at least mine comes home for a few nights a week. I really don't know how single moms cope!

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Alissa said...

Wow- sounds like you have a lot going on. I thought it was hard with just the baby. I hope you are getting enough sleep!