Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Look what I can do!

Now that she is 4 months old, Suvi is doing so much more! After her doctor visit, we decided to let play in the exersaucer and jumperoo! She loves to "practice" standing and being a bit more independent. She can't really do too much in these yet, but she enjoys looking at herself in the mirror and twirling in circles. She is too short for the exersaucer, so she stands on one of my veterinary textbooks (with the Internet, I don't use them much any more!).

Just look at that face! She didn't really know what to do in the jumperoo! Markku is very jealous and wants to get in himself!

More exciting things happened two nights ago: I started Suvi on solid food! She had her first rice cereal. She is about 1 month younger than when I started Markku. I can tell the difference. He seemed to have better control of his tongue and was just dying to eat when we started him. Suvi is very excited and I can tell she likes it (see picture where she is eating her bib to get every last drop), but she spits most of it out.


This stuff tastes great!

She is over her ear infection, but seems to still be a little congested. Cold? Allergies?? Markku is starting his 6th semester of swim classes! He is supposed to be in extreme water babies, but they only offer that class at night around traffic times. We already drive 30 minutes to get there, we don't need to add time with traffic delays. So, is still in advanced water babies and they will "teach up" to him. Today he was so excited to go to swimming that he ran and got his swim suit and started crying when we told him it wasn't time to leave yet! I am glad he enjoys it so much. He is really quite a good swimmer also. Now we have to see if we can start Suvi after she turns 6 months! (It is kind of expensive, so we'll see!). I will have to swim with her. It has been enjoyable having Markku swim by himself and just sit with Suvi in the waiting area!


ColeBugsmommy said...

I just can't believe what a great baby Suvi was at the party, she was so happy and was passed around by everyone! Thanks again for coming!

Ken said...

I can't believe the kids are doing all these new things while we are away and missing them. I am just glad you have a video camera and are recording it all for us. Miss everyone and glad to get the updates. See everyone soon!