Friday, August 1, 2008

Alone time with Suvi

So Markku is off with Mummo and Ukki on quite the adventure. Last night he actually babbled to me on the phone (the first time he tried to hold a conversation with me over the phone!). He was having a good time swimming and floating on the Lazy River and tonight he was at Sea World! I am not sure he even misses us...but he was excited to say hi to me and Suvi tonight on the phone!
It is so different coming home to only one baby who is only 3 months old. The house is much quieter, until Suvi sees me then she starts to babble like crazy! I think she is telling me all about her day. She just talks so much-Heikki is worried as his mom reports his sister Liisa was like this as a baby. And we know what she is like as an adult (her nickname in the family is Hurricane Liisa). I don't personally think it would be so bad...if she was like her Aunt Liisa she would really enjoy life and go and see the world and explore and have fun--all the things I never did. But of course she may also party and have crazy ideas about quitting her job and moving to South America!
Suvi is trying so hard to sit up these days-you can just see her trying and then falling over sideways! She sits in her high chair while we eat dinner. She does sleep a few short hours in her crib at night and for the occasional nap. But she gets up about 5 times a night if I let her sleep on her own! So I often give up after 1 or 2 wake ups and bring her to bed with me. I just need sleep these days! I am not sure what I do to make my babies not sleep....but at least Markku now sleeps a full night through (but Suvi please don't make me wait 15 months like Markku did to sleep through the night!)
I did fail at my endeavor to ride my bike to work this week. Thursday I realized I did not have a bungee cord to attach my breast pump to the bike so I drove, and then today I had to take in Tillie as she has been limping all week. I think she just has arthritis, but that must mean she is getting older and that makes me sad! I feel I have been neglecting her and Allie for the past 2 years. I hope to be able to change that real soon-but where does all this time come from?? I did however ride my bike to the eye doctor and to the gym this week and next week I will try to ride my bike to work again (Heikki went and bought me a bungee cord!).
It's getting late and I need to go and research a case from work on VIN (a website for veterinarians with tons of info...).


Alissa said...

Sounds like you are doing lots of great things- the cooking and exercising sound like a good plan. I will have to visit you guys with Ainsley again to see how the babies like each other.

Ken said...

We look at the adventure as Markku having alone time with us. Of course, to your point, it has taken us all day today to rest up after 2 1/2 days with the mighty one! Gin & I had fun. We think Markku did, but he just doesn't always expree himself!