Wednesday, August 20, 2008

4 months old

Suvi is 4 months old today! She had her check up and is a whopping 16 lbs 9.6 oz. Almost as big as Markku at this age (he was 17 lbs). She is in the 97% in weight and at 25 inches is in the 75-90% for height and 95% for head size (43 cm)! Everything went well and she got her 6 vaccines (yes, I said 6!) and so far is holding her own (I have been giving Tylenol). I am figuring out she needs to go to bed before Markku's bath-easier said than done, but it seems to make things much smoother. She almost always wakes up at least 3-4 times over the night. Our pedi says I can't sleep train her yet (not until 6 months) and that she is hungry at night so I have to nurse her (so Heikki gets to stay in bed while I get up). But we can start her on solids anytime now. I didn't today as we are having a hectic enough day, but will real soon!

Heikki found out Monday that he is going back down to First Officer (from Captain). This is causing us a great deal of stress as we are trying to figure out how to make it financially and he is so frustrated to move backwards in his career as well. But, there were several hundred pilots furlowed and many others who were downgraded and their wives are stay at home moms-so they are all in a worse position than we are. On top of all that, his company wants them to take an additional 6& pay cut! We are already losing about 40-50% of his salary and now they want to take even more. So no one, please no one who talks to me, ever complain about the price of an airline ticket and how they are gouging you etc. It costs a lot to fly a plane and with fuel prices, no one is profiting (except oil companies). The employees and their families are all suffering! And we don't even get great flight privileges anymore! Ok enough bad news.

Markku was such a great helper today. Yes, a 2 year old can help! He was playing with his trucks and making quite a mess while I was on the phone with an insurance company for about 20 minutes. I was just happy he was preoccupied so I could talk, and when I got off the phone and looked around, I didn't see any of his 100 trucks around. The cabinet door was even closed. I looked and looked and finally thought to check the cupboard where they are kept-they were all put back into the Tupperware container, lid put on and door closed. He cleaned up all by himself without me even asking. This may never happen again so I had to get it published! He also helped while I was weeding and placed the weeds into the garbage pail and then carried the broom back into the house! It did take 3 times as long as it would have taken me, but he wanted to help and did it! It was very sweet. We then went out to Marie Calendar's so we could get pie for dinner! It was as good an ending to a stressful day as we could imagine! (Cooking was not in the mix as we were tired, hungry and wanted pie!).


ColeBugsmommy said...

I hope everything works out for you guys, does this at least mean he'll be home more?

Ken said...

I guess all the training time I spent with Markku teaching him to put things away has finally paid off. Following my lead in putting things away is just one of the good things he can learn from me. More trips with Ukki when we return!
Hang in the Suvi. The shots take their toll (as I know from going through the whole immunization process again!) but once it is over, it all heals quickly.