Saturday, September 13, 2008

Here I am!

Boy oh boy have we been busy-hence no posts.

We went to Washington last week to visit my inlaws. It was fun but a busy week, with 2 days spent traveling. Markku had a great visit with his mummo Laukkanen and Bill, and his Aunt Kaisa, Uncle John and my sister, Aunt Jenn. He got to sail on 2 sail boats, ride a motor boat and a kayak and canoe! Play on the beach and pick fresh perfect blackberries off the bushes on the beach. Ride a tractor. Visit a dairy farm. Play with his Isa's (Heikki's) old trucks and cars. Take a sauna. He was so busy that 2 days he refused to leave the house and would cry "no no! House! House? Why? No water!" He flew on a plane and rode buses. He said "high sky!" and made a plane engine noise. And we didn't sweat the entire time. I did get bit by 2 mosquitoes but since we were outside on the water everyday that is not too bad. We even had to wear sweatshirts and fleece at night and in the early morning! I flew home with the kids by myself as Heikki went to Reno for the air races. It went better than expected but was so exhausting I have yet to recover 3 days later (of course I had to get right up and go to work Thursday!). Markku was so funny-he woke up early on Thursday-he was still so tired he fell fast asleep on the couch for another 1.5 hours or so! I have never seen him do that before!

Also, I have picked up an extra day at work so now I work Wed, Th, Fri and every other Sat half day. I have only worked one of these weeks so far and am exhausted at the thought of another! I need the hours to make up for Heikki's salary cut and need the time to get surgery days at work (they wanted me to work at least 3 days to have a surgery day). I hate not doing surgery-it seems silly to have all my patients treated by someone else and is certainly not good for my career. But, it is really hard to work 3 or 4 days in a row with 2 young kids and husband gone a lot. Here is how my days go:

2am: Suvi wake up call.
2:20 am: back to sleep
5 am: Suvi wake up call
5:20 am: back to sleep
If I am lucky: 6:30 am up to shower, get dressed and ready for work (including breakfast and pump time).
If unlucky: 6 am: Markku wake up, get him milk (after fighting about not having juice first thing in the am.) Set him up in front of video, then back to 6:30 am shower, etc. But much time spent talking to Markku and helping him with stuff.
If really unlucky: Suvi doesn't go back to sleep and i have to entertain her and Markku and shower and get ready for work.
7:30 am: Kiri arrives: YEAH!
7:45am: supposed to leave for work
7:52 am: finally leave for work
8am: arrive at work and if lucky start appts and go go go all morning.
1:30 pm (if lucky) home to see kids and eat lunch. Or eat on the run and stay at work.
3-6:30 pm: back at work
6:30-7 pm: home. Markku incredibly happy to see me and whiny that I have been gone and very fragile. Cries readily. Suvi smiles, then gets cranky.
6:45 pm: feed Suvi dinner
7:15 pm: Suvi bath. Markku watches TV or video to keep him occupied. Usually ignores it and tortures Tillie or Suvi.
7:45 pm: nursing Suvi and bed for Suvi
8 pm: Markku bath
8:30 Markku in PJ's. Suvi wakes up as we made too much noise in bathtub.
8:45: Suvi back to sleep. Read books to Marrku. Fight about bed. Go in and out of room 4 times saying "night night. Quiet, Suvi sleeping." Try telling a 2 year old to be quiet b/c his sister is asleep-it doesn't work very well.
9:15 pm: Collapse on couch. Eating crackers. Wait, I forgot to eat dinner. Too tired to move to cook or prepare food or even go to bed!
10 pm: either go to bed or watch the news.
11:45 pm: Suvi wake up call.
12 pm: back to bed.
2 am: see above and start all over!

It is slightly better on my off days as I can leave out the work part. Markku isn't as cranky those days since I am with him all day so he doesn't "need me" as much. But, it is exhausting taking care of two kids also (but really rewarding and worth it). Some days I can even nap for a little bit in the afternoon if both kids are asleep (rare, but it does happen).

My next challenges will be potty training and a big boy bed. I am way too exhausted to start either of these now so hopefully we can hold off for awhile. Can you imagine my night if Markku can just pop out of bed???!!!

Oh and remember my big ideas about cooking every night and riding my bike to work and running?? Yeah, they aren't happening. I am just trying to survive each day as it is, so we will see if those things can be worked back in some day. (I did run the Nike Human Race 2 weeks ago. It was fun, hot and crowded. But I did it and ran in about 10 minute miles. Not too bad!)


Ken said...

How did we survive with two kids 15 months apart when you were little? Must be because I helped out so much so Mom had it easy!

Alissa said...

Busy busy! I hope you enjoy your 3 days a week. I think you do a lot of exercise considering all your other responsibilities and your sleep deprivation!

ColeBugsmommy said...

I'm tired just reading your post! Hang in there!

Basia said...

Yikes...that is one tough schedule! Thinking of you! Missed you today...hope you're day was great!