Sunday, August 3, 2008

"These kids are breaking me"

So the other day I went to the gym and was gone for 1 hr and 20 min. I left Suvi and Markku with Heikki-Markku was asleep for his nap when I left but Suvi would not sleep (what a surprise!). While I was gone I guess Suvi just cried and Heikki was unable to console her and then Markku woke up crying and wouldn't eat dinner. So Heikki leaves this message on my cell phone: "Where are you? These kids are breaking me. Come home now!!!" It was said in a very exasperated tone. When I got home I could hear Suvi screaming from outside. She was laying on her playmat (screaming) while Heikki was defrosting her milk and Markku was eating graham crackers for dinner. He was very mad and frustrated and said he was going to take a job in China! I tried hard not to laugh, picked up Suvi to make her a little happier and we got on with our night. Maybe now he understands my life a little better (except I watch the kids for much longer than 1 hr and 20 min!!).


ColeBugsmommy said...

LOL! I would have driven around the block a few times!

Jennifer said...

That is pretty funny. It is always difficult caring for children that age, but it is slightly easier for women then men. We have boobs for one thing, and a little bit better ability to multitask!