Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The new stuff summary

OK, so I started back to work 2 weeks ago (going well). I started cooking dinner at least 5 nights a week 1 month ago (doing ok-Markku doesn't like my food, but Heikki and I do!). Now I have bought a bike and plan on riding my new bike to work! Let's see how that goes...
Why now? Why start all these things now that I am a really busy sometime single mom of 2 kids? I have no idea but am feeling motivated to do it so will keep trying! I'll let you all know how it goes.

Markku is starting to say more and more words now, although some are still just the beginnings of words. He nows tell me "Momma, stay. Stay." That means do not go to work or the store or to the bathroom... That is the hardest thing to hear! But on the bright side he also is saying and recognizing some other colors than yellow! He says Blue and seems to know when things are blue. Some red recognition too and he'll say it, but only after we tell him that it is red. He has the cutest "Yes" ever, but we also have to prompt that. He just says "ohh" meaning yes! He is swimming like crazy-he loves it! He will hold his breath for >10 secs and swim back and forth from 2 people or from the wall. He also loves to jump in from the sides. He is trying hard to ride a bike, but he doesn't quite get the pedaling thing. In stores, he always picks out the pink bikes... drives Heikki crazy I think. He also loves to brush his teeth (but not when I do it). He really just wants to suck the kids toothpaste. I caught him eating half the tube the other day! Tomorrow he is going with his mummo and Ukki to a resort near Seaworld to stay for 2 nights. he will be swimming and playing and eating all sorts of junk I bet! Ukki has a hard time saying "No" to Markku. It will be me and Suvi at home (well, I will be working so Kiri and Suvi for a large part of the time!). He is starting to tell me things that he did when I couldn't see him-like having wet hair from seating outside while playing or when he spills his water or food, or if Tillie eats something of his. But, yesterday was a little different. Suvi started screaming and I ran over to her as it was an unusual cry for her. Markku was standing by her so I asked what happened. He stomped his foot down on the ground and pointed to her! I was horrified thinking her may have stomped on her (she was on her playmat). He kept telling me he did and looking sad. I am not certain that is what happened as he can't be reliably deciphered yet most of the time, and I sure hope he wouldn't do that. Poke her in the eyes and lay on her with all his weight while giving her a hug, Sure. But not something deliberately mean. I sure hope not at least!

Suvi is becoming more mobile. She can spin around on her play mat and roll from back to side and vice versa. She is trying so hard to sit up and roll over and even crawl. It is amazing to watch. She talks (coos and such) so much of the time it is amazing. She also screeches like a dolphin or whale at times as well. She is very chubby. Her thighs are huge! It is so cute. We met a couple at church whose daughter is 2 months older and much tinier due to a feeding problem. They were amazed and delighted to see her baby fat and kept making me show them her legs!

Heikki is still a captain at work for now. That will likely change soon as ExpressJet is closing down their branded flying early September. Hopefully he will at least have a better schedule and be home more often. Some sort of trade off for losing his captain spot and half his pay!

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Ken said...

I have it from sound sources that Ukki doesn't spoil Markku or Suvi. It must be someone else and they try and blame Ukki. Ukki is the ultimate taskmaster when it comes to training kids.