Thursday, April 24, 2008

4 days old

Hello everyone! Suvi is 4 days old now. We are maybe starting to get used to each other and figure some things out! She was losing weight and jaundiced, but we turned that around real quick (who needs sleep-just keep nursing every 2 hours!). Yesterday she was back up to 7 lbs 5 oz-up from her low of 7 lbs 0.8 oz (of course still less than at birth weight of 7 lbs 10 oz). She is a very beautiful girl and so sweet. She won't let me put her down, even for naps. (Alissa- I may need your advice now!!). Markku is adjusting REALLY well-I am very surprised. That may change when dad goes back to work and visitors stop coming. But so far he is a great big brother. He has 1 meltdown a day but at almost 2 years old that is probably more age related. He is just an amazing boy-Suvi has a great role model. Heikki's mom and Bill just left today, so now we are kind of on our own...we do have Kiri (our nanny) coming by several times a week to help out, but no one cooking and cleaning up after us and all that! Markku had such a great visit with his other mummo (grandma)-it was really great to see them playing. I will post some pics soon of them playing, but too tired tonight and must get some sleep!


Alissa said...

Wow- sounds like a lot has happened in just a few days. Hopefully she will keep gaining lots of weight. I would be happy to bring you guys a meal- that was one of my favorite gifts after Ainsley was born. Scary that she won't let you put her down already!

Heikki said...

Thank you for the offer of a meal, we'll be taking you up on it at some point! Suvi is like her brother, high needs babies who just want to be held. My mom says my siblings and I were the same way. Casey is catching a nap with Suvi fortunately right now.