Friday, April 25, 2008

Markku's Nimi Paiva

Hey everyone! Today was Suvi's 5th day and Markku's nimi paiva or "name day" in Finland. There names actually have their own birthday so to speak! So we celebrated his name day (with a cake, special presents from his mummo Frederick--after which Heikki tells us they have never celebrated these before!) Well, I guess we can start these traditions! In the attempt to keep Markku from being left out, I think we may be spoiling him. He gets someone there constantly to play with or make him happy and has received so many presents...what are we gonna do, keep this up forever??? What's even crazier is that his 2 year birthday is on May 12-so even more presents and cake. And then the London Laukkanen's and mummo Laukkanen return for a one week visit (with another birthday celebration?!!! Yikes). Well, I guess soon enough he will face reality that it will be him, mom and Suvi most days. No presents, no cake! (Well, not everyday at least. I do need to lose the pregnancy weight).

We had a tough night last night, but I finally realized that Suvi was just not tired yet. At 2 am she decided it was ok to let mom and dad sleep some. Luckily Markku has continued to sleep through the night for the past week. We'll see if that continues. She is starting to open her eyes more (and boy is she beautiful when she does) and she even sat in her bouncy seat through the whole dinner/name day celebration! That was a first.

Heikki is off work until May 8--longer than I thought so I am very relieved. He has heard some stressful rumors about SkyWest trying to buy out his company and Continental saying if that doesn't happen, they will terminate their contract with ExpressJet. That will happen slowly over several years-but still will mean likely furlows for some pilots and Heikki will "never" get off reserve duty. That is bad news for us-his schedule usually means he is home for just real short periods of time and then in California (or flying) for the most part. But, nothing is settled, so I try not to think about it. After all, airlines are shutting down every day and takeovers and buyouts are happening faster than we can keep up these days. So everyone in the field is suffering.

Well- I have posted photos from today and some from his first backyard pool experience with mummo Laukkanen.


Alissa said...

Glad to hear that things are going well with Markku! Hope tonight is a better night with Suvi.

Kiri said...

I bet he loved that cake. He is so sweet.

Idahoginny said...

Casey what a great blog--I hope you can keep it up. This is a great way to plan towards your scrapbooking!!!