Friday, July 11, 2008

Last week of maternity leave

Nice mohawk. I have been noticing them coming back into style... how does he look??

Remember all the stuff in Markku's crib? Well, here is a shot of what he wanted one day! I took out most of the stuff so he could sleep but it sure made him mad!

Well it's here. My maternity leave is officially over and next week I go back to work. I have mixed feelings about this as Suvi is only 11 weeks old. We are still adjusting to naps and sleeping...Suvi is not sleeping during the day very well and does not sleep in her own crib at night. I was hoping she would be by the time I went back to work. Oh well...I do love cuddling with her and spending alone time with her, but I also need my space sometimes too. On the work side of things, I feel I have been gone forever-there are new employees I haven't met and was only just starting to get regular clientele before I took off for three months. Now I have to start all over again! I am anxious and stressed about how it will all work out so at this point I just want to get it over with! (I figure it will be better than I expect and I will realize there is no need to worry!) I will also be anxious to get back to my coworkers as I was really beginning to feel like a part of the work family before I left!

On the home front, we have been as busy as ever. The fourth of July was spent at my parents in Boerne. We went to a parade with Suvi in a beautiful dress and Markku in a too big Train shirt that he loves! He picks out his clothes these days-sometimes he wears jeans to bed and PJ's in the daytime. I don't fight him too hard as these can be screaming tantrums if I try to pick out what I want him to wear. We have to pick our battles they say! Mind you, he also wants to pick out Suvi's clothes-I often draw the line there. I want her to wear all her new clothes-not just the jean skirt that is his favorite! We spent the rest of the weekend relaxing at the pool or just with family. It was very nice.

This week my aunt Jane and cousin Shannon are visiting from Buffalo. I have not seen them since my wedding-where Shannon was one of my bridesmaids! That was 5 years ago. Jane was so great playing with Markku and Suvi, it really makes me wish we all lived closer together. We are going to plan a visit to NY to see all my relatives real soon-at least sometime this year I hope! It has been too long...

Notice the picture of the dinner table? That was the dinner I cooked for us! I have been planning meals and cooking for 2 weeks now! I took a class offered at my doctor's on nutrition and meal planning for families. It was very helpful for someone like me who needed both a little prodding and a way to present it to make it easier for me to do! So now I have to see if I can keep it up after going back to work as well... I made lasagna and salmon with tomato/corn salsa (not everyone at salmon!). I even made steamed green beans and a salad! I had a glass of wine to celebrate. That was very nice also. I have been pregnant or nursing for 3 years now, so I don't drink very often!


ColeBugsmommy said...

We are happy to have you back. I can feel your pain with leaving the babies, though. I had to come back when Cole was 6 weeks old, because that's all the time off techs can have. I was crying in the parking lot so hard that morning, I had to call and say I was there, but it would take me awhile to come in!

Dana said...

Yes..we'll be glad to see you. We have three new receptionists for you!