Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Back at work

Well, last week I started back to work. I worked Thursday and Friday and it was not very busy, but kept me at least a little busy. It was good to be back and working again. I didn't miss the kids too terribly although it was hard to get going in the morning. Suvi didn't wake up until after I left for work both days! Markku did ok, but it was hard to share his nanny Kiri with Suvi-he wanted her all to himself. After work was the tough part. Heikki was in New Orleans for Coast Guard duty so it was just me...and that was VERY hard.
I tried to eat dinner but Markku just wanted to play and show me EVERYTHING. He wanted to play outside in the 100 degree heat and mosquitoes. Yuck! But I did it because I love playing with him and missed it all day. Suvi actually slept for about 40 min so I could leave her inside away from the bugs and heat. Then came bath time and getting ready for bed. Suvi cried through it all. Markku cried about going to sleep and by 9:20 he was in bed, I fell exhausted to the couch with Suvi. I got her to sleep and then finally was able to eat something! But then she woke up again so I decided to just call it a night and we both went to bed. Friday was similar, but since I didn't have to work on Sat. am it was much better!
Sat we were still adjusting-I was still sooooo tired and Markku was fairly clingy all day. But we did something different--we went to a Pamper's diaper print ad audition! I took Markku and Suvi (we met Kiri there). The ad said it was for moms 20-35 (ie NOT me!) or caregivers so I thought Kiri would be in the pics. But they wanted me anyways- so I got in the pics as well. It was 1 1/2 hours of a wait and then just 3-4 pictures and we were done. They didn't call us needless to say-oh well. There were a lot of really pretty younger moms there. And actually, I saw 2 dads that I thought should be in the photo shoot if they wanted to sell ME diapers-they looked very nice with their babies! But they didn't listen to me on that either.... Sat night I went out downtown with some girl friends-what a thing to do!
Sun was a great day! I just felt great and the kids were great and we had a great day! We went to church and then to the park at Central Market to play. I just had such a great time playing with the kids and then picking out a few treats at the store (nice organic fruit and veggies). Sunday night Heikki came home and it sure seems almost easy when he is here (he wouldn't say the same). I actually had a night out on Tuesday as well (but I took Suvi) as my book club friends had a mom's night out. Heikki watched Markku AND Suvi earlier in the day when I went to a work meeting. He was so tired afterwards. I think he may be realizing how hard my job is when he is gone! It has been a good week. I think I definitely enjoy my time with kids so much more when I know I will be at work Thursday!


Ken said...

Reading this makes me glad Gin & I didn't have 2 kids close together-wait, we did-only 15 months apart! It must have gone so smoothly because I was so much help around the house. Gin was so lucky. And of course, 15 month old Jenn did her share and changed Casey's diapers, when I wasn't around. Hang in there Casey, it does get easier (when they head off for college!).

ColeBugsmommy said...

We are happy to have you back at work!

bean said...

What Dad said. I was a huge help, always doing whatever I could to pitch in!!!
-Aunt Jenn