Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pinewood Derby Week and more

First off we went on a walk today around our neighborhood ponds and Suvi wanted to bring her new jogging stroller and dolls. Kai soon took over the work. He loves pushing it. It was really windy so that is why his hair is a tad crazy!
He was also  walking Tillie and running around like a mad man. Markku is nowhere to be found because he was riding his bike and is already at top of the little rise! You can see him in the distance if you look real close:
The real event of the week was the Cubscouts Pinewood Derby! Markku and Heikki have been building the car this past month (ok, mostly Heikki...) and then we got to race them this weekend!
He was very proud of his car...

Here is the start of his Tiger cub heat.

And here is the finish...
 His car finished in 2nd place in his Tiger cub heat!

Here was a very happy second place winner! He did move onto semi-finals and I have no idea what happened since I went to work and it was too confusing to follow my mom's lowdown. But, we know he didn't come in 1-3 place. But way to go Tiger! 
Markku has really enjoyed cubscouts so far this year. Most of all he loves to wear the uniform, and then next best thing was this pinewood derby! Our next big adventure will be to see if we can make it as a family to the campout in April! Heikki missed the last campout due to his work schedule. I was too chicken to try camping with a 6, 4, and almost 2 yr old all by myself on a really cold October weekend!
Suvi is already planning her girl scout career as they start Daisy's in kinder. She cannot wait! I am dreading the cookie sales as I will have a super hard time not eating all the cookies myself!

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