Sunday, February 3, 2013

Princesses, X-box, Insanity!!!

Another week has gone by and it is already February. I am amazed at how fast time goes by. A friend of mine is about to have a baby and I just went to her  baby shower. The clothes and newborn diapers are just so tiny! How could it be that it has been just over 2 years since I had a newborn? Look at my not so much babies any more:
Kai and Suvi playing Princess
Kai really does play well with Suvi and he loves to dress up! It is so cute-can you see he is holding his magic wand even?  Very soon after this picture was taken he was back to playing with trucks and legos, and tackling me. He loves to play tackle.
My mom finally had a break in her busy schedule and I got to visit with her for the first time since Christmas. She has seen the kids but I usually have to work when she visits with them. We had just gotten our X-box-kinect video game working again after about a year. It was password locked and we were clueless at how to fix it. So, finally Best buy cracked the code in about 30 seconds and got it working again. Everyone is happy it is back. Mummo even joined in:

Mummo and Kai playing Xbox

Kai was playing alongside Markku

Suvi really doesn't play much-except for a game in which she gets to pop bubbles. That is her beautiful outfit she chose for the day as well. The pics are blurry since they are action shots.
Starting this past fall I decided it was time to get working out again. I just cannot seem to get to the gym or get kids all to go on a run with me, and finding time to work out is so very hard. So, I started getting up at 5-5:30 am and doing my workouts. I just finished 9 weeks of Insanity workout! It is a pretty hard work out for anyone not knowing what it is. I have never sweated so much ever. Heikki doesn't like to do them either-he prefers to sleep in! (He does work out at the gym or with his P90X later in the day I do have to admit). Here is a photo of me doing Insanity. Again, it is blurry because I am jumping in the air. 

Now that this work out is done, I am not sure what I am going to do. But I better think of something as now that I am 40, the fat starts coming back immediately if I take a break... And since we had our Superbowl party with pizza and wings and chips tonight...I better get back in tomorrow bright and early!

Hopefully we will have an exciting February-we have Heikki home a lot more this month, and Mummo and Bill are coming for a visit. We haven't seen them since our fantastic summer vacation in Oregon/Washington.

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