Sunday, January 20, 2013

OK, I was wrong...

Last week I was writing about Suvi being our artist in residence. Well, that is true still, but I think I mentioned that Markku was not keen on drawing and he showed me wrong! He drew these owls in school-one for him, one for Suvi and one for Kai.
I think they are great Owls and I love the blue eyes in the one he drew for Suvi!
Kai too has proven me wrong this week. I brought the easel back in to the kitchen and he draws every chance he can get! 

Suvi had her preschool talent show this week. In past year's, they had it in the activity center which has lots of room. This year they had it in a small area, so they limited the kids talents a little. Markku and Suvi rode their bikes and scooters in years past. (And who could ever forget 3 yr old Markku running in a backwards circle pretending to be Mater from Cars--" I don't need to know where I'm going, I just need to know where I've been!") . Anyways Suvi was a little distraught as she did not want to get up and perform her ballet or tap routines by herself (too shy for that) so we decided to put on an art show and display some of her most recent works!

She is quietly telling the audience about her drawings (I had to repeat so people could hear).

Her painting

So happy I came to school to see her!
This weekend the weather was gorgeous. It has been 70 and sunny. We played outside as much as we could! Kai still loves bubbles, so we spent a good 45 minutes blowing and chasing bubbles.
Learning to blow hard.

He actually caught bubbles on his bubble wand! Look the surprise on his face.

 This is sheer joy!
 Suvi decided to join us as well. Kai was blowing bubbles and Suvi popping them. This one popped in her face! Markku was inside building Lego's. I did finally drag him outside to play later today, but not in time for the bubbles.

We also tried to keep up our getting out and hiking and exploring New Year's Resolution. We went to a local park in Buda, Tx and took Tillie on a hike (well a walk around the nature trails) and played at the playground.

 What a beautiful weekend. I only wish Heikki was here to enjoy it with us. He was stuck flying around up North somewhere in the freezing cold weather! It is kind of funny that I often really have no idea where that guy is-I know when he leaves and returns, and he can often go to 3-4 cities each day, and 3-4 different overnights so I can never keep track.

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