Monday, May 13, 2013

Catch up!

Look what happens when life gets busy...I stopped blogging! So I will try to catch everyone up on our last 3 weeks! So, just after her birthday, Suvi lost her first tooth! The tooth fairy came and brought her a gold $1 coin. She was so excited!  She is getting so big! We also enrolled her for kindergarten last week! Can you believe that?  She is so ready and so excited.
Kai and Markku love snuggling with Allie cat. It is hard to catch her with a camera when Kai is around, but she was itchin for some lovin this night! Markku has been asking for his own pet for about 6 months now, if not more. He is trying his best to help care for Allie and Tillie to earn his own pet! 

 He has been playing baseball this year. Here is a team picture:
And just when I thought he was all grown up, he finds his baby crib mobile and crib set and was pretending to be a baby again! We had a yard sale at the end of April and here he was reminiscing!

Also at the end of April, Markku successfully completed his requirements for his Tiger Cub badge in Cubscouts. We had a really nice ceremony at a local park to celebrate.

We also painted our house this month-well just the trim. I decided on a black door and am loving the small change!
As I mentioned before, Suvi is finishing preschool and about to start kinder. We had her preschool graduation last week! Here is our family photo from the night!

Suvi was singing in the picture below. I have yet to download my camera photos and can possibly add more pics later, but you never know what will come up!

The school gives each child a bible to commemorate the special day. We are bitter sweet about her moving on. It is an exciting time, but Kai is not yet starting school, so for the first time in 4 years I will not be going down to San Marcos to take a child to preschool!

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