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Suvi's Spectacular 5th Birthday (a Fancy Nancy event to remember!)

On April 20th my baby girl turned 5 yrs old. How can it be that she will start kindergarten this fall? I saw the notice for kinder round-up, the day we sign up our kids for kindergarten next fall, and tears welled up in my eyes. But, before all that sappiness, we sure did celebrate this weekend in a very spectacular manner!

Suvi and I discovered Fancy Nancy books about a year ago. I think they are pretty amazing and Suvi likes them too. For Christmas she got the book "Fancy Nancy Tea Parties" and it literally gives a step by step tutorial on how to have tea parties. From buffet style to al fresco style and even doll tea has them all. So we decided it would be fun to have a Fancy Nancy Party ourselves. It all started with the book (which honestly had pretty simple ideas on how to have a terrific tea party) and then my mother found Pinterest has loads of ideas about Fancy Nancy parties and then it got a little scary! We had pages of ideas for our decorations and food and drinks too! After a trip or two to the local fabric and hobby stores, we did decide to curtail a few things--like an absolutely beautiful table skirt made out of tulle...But the end product was still pretty amazing!

So first and foremost, we need to thank Mummo Frederick for really helping pull this whole idea together. Without her, I may have given up and only had a halfway splendiferous party!

We started of course by reading the book and picking our favorite parts: how to decorate and what to serve. Suvi helped by writing out most of our list of idea, which I used throughout the planning to make sure we had it all. I wrote some things when she got tired, as she does not know how to spell yet, so I had to spell each word for her, then she wrote them down. It took an entire Kai nap (2 hours) but it sure was a good way to spend the time!
Here is her list

Then we went shopping and bought our supplies. We used purple poster board to make our butterfly placemats. See Suvi gluing on the bling after I cut out the shape!
Then Suvi was out stand in model when we were placing the decorations...doesn't she do a great job?
This was her second outfit of the day on party day...

The end result looked like this:
The picture is dark but we had tissue paper flowers and tulle draped on the pillars with more tissue paper flowers on the light. There was a bouquet of flowers, cupcakes and a pot full of jelly beans with lollipop flowers inside. The purple butterfly placemats of course and then the napkins were made into a fan shape and tied with the silverware in more tissue paper flowers that then became a corsage for each guest.
 I was so busy with the party I really did not take enough pictures and am pretty upset about that! so I will just explain it with words. We had a separate table for food. We served fuchsia lemonade and lemon water to drink. We had a fruit platter with yummy yogurt dip, veggie plate with ranch dipping sauce, yummy brownie bites with frosting and a raspberry on top, and then strawberries with whip cream and pink sugar! And of course the cupcakes.

Each girl came dressed in the fanciest outfits, but most decided to play switch-er-roo and changed into either Suvi's dress up clothes or another girls discarded outfit. They came downstairs and we had a photo shoot with each girl and Suvi to help commemorate the day.
Here is the beautiful birthday girl in her final outfit of the day. Her wedding dress...

Here is a sample of the photo shoot, Suvi with my good friend Wendy's daughter. We got the flowers from the Boerne garden where my mother volunteers as a master gardener. Suvi decided she looked her best in her wedding dress complete with veil AND tiara.
Here are all  the party guests being serious...
And here they are being goofy!

We played "Posh, Posh, Puppy" (basically duck duck goose with Fancy Nancy terminology). We also played follow the hostess (follow the leader) but honestly those pictures were action shots and unfortunately came out blurry.

Of course we then had our magnificent tea party with all our yummy delights!
Happy Birthday dear Suvi!

And then we opened presents, of course one of the birthday girls favorite parts!
It was such a wonderful (and a little bit hectic) day. I am really glad we did it and think it turned out grand. Each girl went home with a Fancy Nancy book, a tiara, a wand my mother made and can be seen in the picture above where they are eating, a necklace and an activity book that my mother put together that has official Fancy Nancy coloring sheets, mazes, connect the dots and even a paper doll cut-out-and of course their corsage. Every went home happy I think.
We of course had another celebration on her actual birthday. Heikki had to miss her Fancy Nancy party but considering it was all little girls squealing with delight and pink and purple everything...I think he was ok missing out on that fun. Her birthday was spent around the house, doing fun things together as a family. We even took a family walk  that went a little long. Suvi got tired so Heikki had to carry her...

 Before they got so tired, they decided to add in some calisthenics to the mix: here are the kids dropping and doing push-ups in someones driveway!
Of course we had her favorite dinner: spaghetti noodles with butter and cheese and garlic bread (and Heikki snuck in a pizza too!) and the cake and ice cream that is a birthday must have!

She even got a Fancy Nancy book ;)

Look at how excited she is to open her presents. This one is from Markku and Kai-an Ariel Princess figurine.

Aunt Jenn and Uncle Dan got her this magnificent official Fancy Nancy dress! This was actually her first outfit of the day on her birthday party.

 We also had her class party this past week as well (three celebrations!!!! Oh my!)  Suvi was a doll and helped me bake her frosted cookies with pink icing and sprinkles.

Don't they look yummy too?
What a fun week it was for Suvi.
Now of course, I do have two other children who really were not forgotten this week! They had some fun eating cake and ice cream and cookies...  Kai was insistent it really was his birthday, not Suvi's. "My birthday" he said over and over. He is really talking so much more these days. I caught him singing The Itsy Bitsy Spider tonight at the park and it was so cute. He also sings the theme song to his favorite video series, Mighty Machines! That is adorable as well. 
He loves to play pretend. He will cook in the play kitchen and take care of his baby doll. Tonight he even undressed one of Suvi's dolls, brushed her teeth, put her to bed (in Markku's lower bunk), and read her a story. I do not remember either of my other two kids doing this type of play at this age. He will also play, "I am an animal" (remember the dinosaur I mentioned last week?). His newest animal is either "Shampoo (ie shamoo the killer whale) in the bath tub, or an octopus. He is really really smart. He has even started counting recently, although only to 3 so far. Sometimes only to 2.
Kai is also starting to blame others for things. If anything breaks, he blames Markku. Even if Markku had nothing to do with it. (Poor Markku) He will grab some food from the fridge or cupboard and if I tell him he cannot have it, he hides it behind his back and says "All gone". I think I will be in big trouble with this one!
Kai hugging Mummo. Trouble?! He looks so sweet...
Markku is also constantly pretending to be things: either an animal he has recently googled on the Internet or a Pok√©mon character. He loves to hear stories about when he was little. His favorite one recently is when he was really young, probably 20 months old or so,and he started to learn his letters. We had the foam letters in the bathtub and he just started calling them out one day. He did not learn his actual ABCs in order until much later, but could identify each letter on their own. Even on street signs. He did not like numbers though. If I put the numbers into the tub, he would throw them out. I was telling my sister about this one day, explaining that he did not know his numbers, but did know the ABCs. She corrected me and said He DOES know his numbers if he throws them out of the tub! He just doesn't like them. Luckily he does now and is really good at math! 
Speaking of school, we get this calendar sent home each night from school. A happy face means a good day, an unhappy face means he got in trouble for something. I think he only has 2 unhappy faces, so those days are rare. But recently, his teacher let HIM write how he did: 

On Thursday the 11th he wrote a smiley face and then wrote: : "Markku was exslnte". Meaning of course: Markku was excellent. ( By the way, if I hit spell check on his word exslnte, it comes up with interesting) What a funny kid!
As I am winding up Suvi's birthday, we now have Markku's coming up in 3 weeks. I cannot believe where time is going. I am still so exhausted from Suvi's big day, but know we have lots more fun coming up.


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This must've been so far, the most spectacular day for Suvi! She and the rest of the girls look really pretty. They really need those tiaras to complete their princess costumes. But of course, it was the birthday girl who stood out the most! :')

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