Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013, First swim day of 2013, school plays!!

Happy Easter, 1 day late! We had a great visit with my family for Easter. Heikki had to work, so unfortunately he missed another holiday! We actually had not been to my mom's since Christmas, so it was long overdue to spend some time there. The kids just love it there-they have toys, a large sandbox, hiking, swimming, Mummo to spoil them and of course Ukki records tons of shows and movies for them to watch when they come on his DVR (we are old fashioned and do not have a DVR!). 
We did color some Easter eggs. My mom blows out the insides and then they can be saved for years, pending any major disasters like dogs eating the eggs...only happened twice but those eggs are gone! Here Kai is excited to draw his race car on his egg. Markku is also diligently working on his eggs.

Suvi was busy with coloring the eggs, and she made them especially for her brothers!
Here are what last years eggs and some from 2008 look like.
The Easter Bunny also brought some fun bubbles to play with.

Look at Suvi hiking in her Easter dress with her Easter basket. She let us know that if we got lost, we could survive on her candy!

The boys discovered the culverts and Kai had to walk in each and everyone!

Yay Easter egg hunt!

They were busy trying to find all the eggs the Easter Bunny had hidden for them.

We figured we had better let Kai start first as he would probably need more time and more help. As it turns out, he didn't need his handicap and ended up with the most eggs of them all! He did have help from his Ukki though.

Here is the bunny Suvi found in her basket.  In addition to hiding eggs, the Easter bunny also hides their Easter baskets. They have to look for them first thing in the morning! Suvi was our champion as she found every body's basket this year!

Here is Suvi and Markku feeding food scraps to Mummo's worms she has for composting.

Kai was thrilled to meet Vermi, mummo's pet composting worm.

Mummo was showing them the worms and how they eat all the food and paper she gives them.
We did have another egg hunt on Saturday in our Plum Creek neighborhood. It was 30 seconds of pure joy. But boy oh boy were those eggs snatched up fast.

Kai was not happy being told to wait until the official start of the egg hunt.

And believe it or not, it is hot enough to swim. The kids all went in the pool this past weekend as well. Markku was the only one to dive in and swim around. His Finnish roots are strong! Well, it was 85 degrees and sunny, so maybe not exactly an ice hole in the middle of winter in Finland. But still, it was too cold for me to venture in!

Kai and Suvi mostly played on the steps.

But here is proof that Markku was in for real.

Suvi got to wear an apron that used to be Mummo's when she was a child. It allowed Suvi to help bake and make ice cream with Mummo and not get her pretty Easter dress all dirty!
We also had Markku's first grade play, Mother Goose Rhymes. It was really just songs that each class sang. But, they were fun renditions of classic rhymes we all know from childhood. Markku had Rock a bye baby and was wearing a tree on his head. He much preferred a song another class did-it was all in Spanish! Pio Pio Pio or something like that! We do not have a talented singer, but he sure does like to try!

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