Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cubscous, Soccer and busy days

Well, with being sick and working a different schedule last week, I missed a blog! But, we have been extra amazingly busy! I also somehow lost all my photos on my phone from before Thursday and I have no idea how or why. :(  Hopefully they were backed up on other sources, but I am not certain. Anywho, here is what has kept us busy.
Kai has been so very cute watching his brother's Mighty Machines videos. Just like Markku, he loves to sing the theme song. I got some cute videos of him singing (more like humming mostly) but they were lost from my phone. So you will just have to take my word.
Kai loves to take Suvi to school. He has to pull her backpack all the way in, and then runs down the hall to her classroom. He runs in as if he owns the place and starts playing with the toys. I usually have some trouble getting him to leave without a tantrum. But this past week we started his speech therapy, so I asked him if he wanted to go to Kai's school. He said "Yes! Kai school. Kai school!", then stood up and ran all the way out to the car. He was so excited. When we got to speech, he went right with the teacher, even though we had never met her before. After 45 minutes he came out screaming. He didn't want to leave. He was so mad he had to go home!
Markku and his Tiger cubs went to visit the Kyle Fire Station the week as well. We were taken on a tour and got to see the meeting rooms where they continue to learn new ways to help people in emergencies, exercise room where they stay fit and active, the kitchen (they have 3 refrigerators, one for each shift) and living room (they had like 10 large leather recliners around a TV) their own personal bedrooms (it literally had a small desk, a bed, 3 closets (one for each shift). They have loud speakers and a red light that flashes in each room to announce an emergency. We also got to see the trucks! That was the best part of course. Markku and the boys got to take a ride around town in the firetruck (Heikki thought the Car Seat Nazi aka Casey wouldn't let him go but they did have seat belts for each boy!) They also got to get a tour of where everything is kept on the trucks and then they got to spray the fire hose. They even let Kai take his turn! It was an amazing tour, the Kyle Fire Department did a fantastic job!

Lt Mark Schultz and Freddy Rolan (Hazmat specialist) and the boys

Markku putting out the fire

Suvi's turn to fight the blaze

Fireman Kai was next. He LOVED it!

Here is the crew in the lobby, with Den Leader Darin

Kai got to drive this truck (note he was dressed in full fireman's gear!)
We also had Suvi start soccer. She was really excited to play again (we did play last year on a different league). We decided to try a YMCA league for her this year. She really didn't get the game last year, but this weekend she just jumped right in and was really into trying to get the ball and running all around. It was freezing cold so part of it may have been to keep warm! She even scored a goal! Yeah Suvi!

Here she is ready to go to her first game

On the field, ready to play!

She is dribbling the ball above!
Earlier in the week we also took the cubscouts to the radio station on Texas State University's campus in San Marcos. The boys had a communication unit they were working on. It was fun to see inside the station, and see how news and music is played on the airwaves. It was also in a really old building called Old Main. It was built in 1899 on top of a hill. It was a little creepy and they are doing pretty extensive renovations to the building with scaffolding everywhere.

Markku had a homework assignment this weekend to make a diorama of his favorite part of the book "The Littles". As I was researching stuff on google, I was thinking that I never remembered reading this book series, or the other series Markku is enjoying, The Magic Treehouse books. The amazon description read, these books have been enjoyed for decades by young readers. Decades? But how-I never read them. Oh, they were written in the nineties! Ah Yes, that is right. How could I forget that I am 40 and these were written well after my time! Humpf! Am I really that old???  And, before he says it, Heikki is old too. He turned 39 this week! Happy Birthday Heikki! Enjoy this last year in your 30s! Next year it all starts going down hill (not really, but he has been saying that since I turned 40, so I feel ok giving him some grief.) We did not have a true birthday celebration for him because he was supposed to be at work, but then he got sick and called out (and then I got sick!). And he decided to try the Paleo diet and was not eating any carbs or sugar! What a bad week to be on that diet (yup, he only did this diet for one week before deciding it wasn't all it cracked up to be). Next year, I say try the cake and ice cream cause I'm turning 40 diet! Maybe margaritas too! That would be a better diet for a birthday week. (I did ask him if he wanted a birthday donut in the morning and if he wanted a cake. He said NO!)

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Wow, I don't know how you keep up with it all. But what a fun age--all of them at different stages--even Heikki.