Sunday, February 17, 2013

Adventures with Mummo Bill

We have some visitors this week: Mummo and Bill. It is so great to have them here again and luckily we are having some nice weather as well. We went on an adventure to Palmetto State Park in Gonzales. We went on a short 2.2 mile hike with us and kids along the San Marcos River. It was pretty. 
 Here we are taking a short break
 Kai was killing me by leaning so far over
 Markku climbed a tree
 These trees had holes in them!
 Here are the namesake Palmetto plants

Kai climbing rocks
Before we went hiking, we actually stopped by the museum in Gonzales.  Basically Mexico gave this cannon to the early settlers to help fight the Native Indians that kept attacking the settlers. But, then Texas wanted their independence and Mexico wanted their cannon back."Come and Take it" is the saying as this was what the Texans said to Mexico when Mexico wanted this cannon back. The townspeople fired one shot and the Mexicans ran away. So the cannon is still there, and so is this saying...  It was fun to visit this small museum and show the kids some relics of history. We did it for Markku's cubscout project, but it was fun for all of us!

This is the cannon

Here are the three flags: The Come and Take it flag, the US flag and the Texas state flag

Here is the museum, with the flags again

 We also stopped by Bucee's to show Mummo and Bill a real gas station! The kids suckered their grandma into buying them a souvenir from Bucee's too...Too bad the gas was super expensive. We wanted a better deal, but definitely did not get it today!

Markku is gearing up to play baseball this spring. Mummo brought Heikki's old baseball mitt for Markku to use! This is his first practice...

Fantastic expression! But ball inside the glove!

With Isa's old mitt

Heikki is reading Pinklacious to Suvi at night, so sweet.

Kai was cuddling up with Isa watching The Jungle Book! Couldn't resist this picture of them!

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