Monday, March 9, 2009

We have been so busy these past few weeks. I am amazed how fast Suvi (and Markku) is growing up.

Suvi updates:
1. She is walking while holding on to one hand or a push toy.
2. She waves bye bye and says something that sounds like bye bye sometimes.
3. She wants to feed herself all the time, so she is almost weaned off baby foods! She can't get the concept of putting a spoon in her mouth yet with food still on it. she uses her fingers to shovel in it faster than I can cut it up!
4. She still has only 2 bottom teeth, but I am certain more are coming.
5. She is almost 11 months old! (birthday April 20)

Markku updates:
1. He knows his letters and reads them off to me all the time wherever we go. He only knows the capital letters so far. He taught himself from some bathtub foam letters we have. Friends gave them to us and we are missing a few. He calls "M" and "W" both an "M". He can read upside down! He calls an exclamation point an "i". as well.
2. He finally said another number today besides 2. He said "3" when he had 3 sippy cups of water.
3. He calls his mummos and Isa on the phone to hear there voices and will leave a message if they don't answer.
4. He may be getting the idea of time. He will say, "not now, in 2 weeks!" It started when I told him we would go see Mummo and Bill in Hawaii in 2 weeks, not now. Now he uses it for everything. No night night. Not now, in 2 weeks! or he asks me to save his banana for later-in 2 weeks!
5. He is almost 3 years old! (On May 12)

Heikki and Casey updates:
We bought a house! Our offer was accepted and we are on our way to owning again! Yeah! It is a very beautiful home that is located directly across the street from a very nice park! It is not in Austin, but a town about 25 minutes south. We are supposed to close April 3.
In between now and then we have lots to do. Besides getting a mortgage, inspection, etc, we have a week trip to Hawaii for Heikki's mom's wedding! We will meet our new niece Ava and see everyone in the family again. It should be lots of fun. We don't really ever take these type of vacations, at least not since our honeymoon! Of course, now we will have us and both kids in a room with us for a week, and very long airplane rides. Then we'll see if we ever do it again!
Heikki is almost 35 years old (on March 20)!


Alissa said...

Lots of changes with you all. congrats on the house- you'll have to tell me about it soon.

Kiri said...

They are both getting so smart and doing so many new things. They grow up fast. Suvi almost 1 year and Markku almost 3 I can't believe it.

Katri L said...

Yahhh, you bought a house! That was pretty fast since I last talked to Heikki. Have fun in Hawaii. I desperately wish I could go!