Sunday, April 19, 2009

Where to begin...

Well, it has been awhile and I can't even begin to think about where to start! To your dismay I am sure, I am unable to find the cords and device I use to download my pics! My mom unpacked my computer, I can't find it! It will turn up soon, or I will buy a new one I promise!

We went to Hawaii (Maui) at the end of March for my MIL's wedding. It was super fun-with the kids and the rest of the family. We had everyone there: us, Heikki's sister Kaisa and husband John, sister Liisa popped in from her trip around the world with boyfriend Johan, John's brother Jesse and his friend Elizabeth, Great Uncle Hannu and Aunt Wanda, Mirjami and Bill (the wedding couple of course!) and Heikki's brother Mikko, wife Joanna, Their kids Dashiell and the new baby of the family-Ava made her debut all the way from London! It was truly a fun filled week of sun, beach, family gatherings and of course a gorgeous Hawaiian wedding. Welcome to the family Bill!

Suvi loved the ocean-she thought the waves were fantastic! Markku preferred the swimming pool, but loved the sand. Suvi took her first completely independent steps in Hawaii-about 3 at a time. I got to see Sea turtles while snorkeling. I Love Turtles! I can't wait to show you pictures!

New House:
After that whirlwind week and LOOOOONG trip home on a red eye flight, we moved! April 3 we closed on our new house and finally are home owner's again! We love our new house. It is a 2 story house, very bright with lots of large windows. Best of all, there is a playscape in a park across the street! Markku says "I love my oooo house" every day at least 10 times (translation: I love my new house). Suvi likes that we now have carpet for her to fall on and practice walking. I hate that we now have carpet-pets and kids do not make friends with a WHITE carpet! We still have much unpacking and stuff to do, but if anyone is in the neighborhood or wants to be in the neighborhood, come on by! Again, I can't wait to show you pictures!

Suvi's ear tube surgery:
Then the next week (April 14) we had Suvi's ear tubes placed. I had to wake us up super early and drive into Austin last week for this. We should have post-poned moving! Suvi did very well-I hope that these tubes work for her as well as Markku's did. She is a trooper-she was smiling at all the nurses and doctors, making fast friends. She only cried a little after anesthesia while waking up-and nursing stopped that even. You know what I thought was strange--no one even listened to her heart or examined her. No pre-op blood work, no IV catheter. I guess they just depend on her pediatrician to have listened to her heart previously-the ENT doctor never has, nor did the anesthesiologist. I was very surprised when Markku had his surgery 2 years ago as well. It was a very nice facility with nice nurses and staff-they even called the day after surgery to make sure everything was ok.

Now, we are on the eve of Suvi's 1 year Birthday! This time last year I was getting nervous (not in labor yet, but Heikki left for a 4 day stay in California). I can not believe it has been a year. She is such a big girl now. I will for sure post pics of her birthday. We are not having a big bash like we did for Markku. We have been way to busy and with just moving and Heikki's schedule we could not get it done! I am hoping to have a party for Markku's birthday next month! I better get planning...

Ok, off the find that picture downloading device...

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Christina said...

Sorry we couldn't make it the other night. Happy Birthday, Suvi! We'll have to do a playdate soon.