Friday, February 27, 2009


More cute things Markku says:

1. Gas house (gas station)
2. Play house (park)
3. Too loud! (he says this if I am too loud when Suvi is sleeping or if he accidentally sets off one of his toys while she is sleeping). If I ask him to be a little quieter when Suvi is awake, or when he hears Suvi wake up he says "Ok, loud now!")
4. No please (instead of No thank you, of course!) What a polite child I have...
5. Go see more big houses now Mama?- He asks when we are going to look at houses!
6. Yes Mama (or mummo): if I ask him to do something or tell him to be a good boy while I am gone he replies with this! It is said very seriously.
7. Soup bowl: (superbowl!)

Markku's favorite new saying:
Me do! And may be preceded with a loud cry/wail/whine: Nooooooooo! Me do!

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The Laukkanen's said...

I forgot to add Suvisms:
1)mamamamamama ma ma
2)dah dah dah dah