Sunday, September 21, 2008

5 months old (Sept 20, 2008)

5 months old

Wow! 5 months old! I can not believe how time is flying by! Suvi is such a delight and so much fun. Markku loves her so much and she really laughs for him and reaches for him and I think I have seen her hug him! I will often be yelling at Markku to be gentle!! and then I realize that although he is shaking her exersaucer so hard her head is flailing from side to side--she is laughing! What is a little brain damage as long as they are having fun, right?!

Suvi is eating new foods every 4-5 days. Now she can eat rice cereal with breast milk, peas and sweet potatoes! She eats 2 meals a day, plus still nursing. She can almost sit gorilla like but topples over if I leave her for too long. She plays with her toes and anything remotely near her goes straight into her mouth!

Anyway, I have tried and tried to figure out how to add a link to a photo website but am unsure how to do it. Someone needs to tutor me on that (hint hint all you bloggers!). But in the meantime here are some of my more recent photos (although I said I would take as many pics of my second child as my first, I admit I have not! At least we have the professional ones of Suvi!)

Markku wake boarding on Columbia river in Washington state. With Tati Kaisa on boat!

Driving tractor with Bill in Washington and Heikki and Casey before our Human Race 10K.

Hiking in our neighborhood flood/rentention pond and Markku walking Tillie (or vice versa!)
Anyways, our camera is quite old now and is not taking high quality photos so I do apologize-but at least you can vaguely see how are family is doing! I guess I know what we need for Christmas!


Christina said...

Casey, try out You can upload one photo at a time or a whole batch, put them into different albums, etc. I can help you figure it out if you need it, but it's not hard.

Ken said...

Five months already? College is right around the corner. Enjoy the times and be forgiving, we can't all have the parents that you & Heikki did-you will manage. Looking forward to Suvi's Christening this week end!
Dad F