Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Suvi's baptism

On Sunday September 28, 2008 we had Suvi baptized at our church, St. Martin's Lutheran Church. Pastor Craig baptized her for us. Suvi's sponsors ("god parents") were our friends from church-Anita and Scott. It was a really great day spent with family and friends, with the exception that Suvi was diagnosed with a really bad ear infection the Friday before and had explosive diarrhea from her antibiotics! I was so afraid her dress would get ruined. My mom had her baptism dress (yes, from 1950!) and we had to alter it slightly as it had some small holes in it, but it fit Suvi perfectly! We had another party dress for afterwards as well. It is so fun dressing up little girls! Here are some photos of our day:

Suvi's baptismal dress (Mummo Ginny's)

Pastor Craig and Suvi

Suvi, momma, Isa and Markku up front at church

Suvi's other party dress!

Markku's berry cheesecake face

And our friends and family:

Jesse, Rachel, baby Nina, Markku & Mummo Laukkanen, Kiri and Suvi

Ukki & mummo Frederick, Markku, Isa, Suvi & Momma
Mummo Laukkanen with Isa & Suvi

We had a beautiful day. We did not however get ANY photos of Scott and Anita (Suvi's sponsors). Keep in mind my camera is broken and I had to get photos from mummo's. They were all so focused on our family that we missed many of our friends! Also, I was a little consumed by Suvi's illness (ie diarrhea blowouts every 20 seconds!) and lack of sleep (she got me up every hour the night before)! We will have to get a picture at church next week! I feel really bad!

Also, Suvi has sat up all by herself! She did it Sept 24 while I was at work (of course) and now will sit by herself for several seconds! She can also get up on her knees and kind of throws herself forward-almost a crawl. She rolls every which way and gets all over the floor or her crib.

Suvi and Markku get into screaming matches for fun (their fun, not ours!). They take turns screaming back and forth! Markku loves to play with her and she she loves her jumperroo. Sometimes I hear it making so much noise I yell to Markku to stop shaking her bouncy seat-but then I hear Suvi laugh and it is her jumping to the ceiling!

Heikki goes back to work tomorrow after 40 some odd days off! It will be strange not to have him around again and I know Suvi and Markku will miss him as well. He is not too excited as he will be a first officer again. At least we get to pick his schedules and not have him on call. He should be home more often. He has been babysitting for both kids when I go to work on Wednesdays also. He is getting pretty good at it.

Lastly, I rode my bike to work yesterday and today! Finally!


Idahoginny said...

I'm glad you are finally getting on your bike--I hope yu will find it a way to decompress before getting hme.

Love the pictures you posted--our beautiful babies!!!

Alissa said...

Her baptism looks wonderful! I really want to see that dress up close- it looks a lot like my MIL's dress in the pictures. You all look wonderful dressed up! glad it went well. I am amazed that you rode your bike- keep it up!

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