Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Catch Up!

Merry Christmas!

Well, it has been awhile since I posted an entry, and we sure have been busy! I still have issues posting pictures on this blog and then easily moving them around, so I am going to tell the storey not necessarily in order, a little backwards so I do not have to move the pictures around! Pay attention!
Well, Christmas has just passed. It was so much fun this year. We had our new house and Santa still managed to find us-both at our home and at mummo and Ukki's! Lucky kids! We had cookies and orange juice for Santa-that is what Markku says Santa likes to drink. Guess what?!-Santa did drink his orange juice! We also left out Reindeer food, a tradition I had never heard of before this year!
Suvi got Baby dolls, cribs/cradles, high chair for her babies, a cool tea set and lots of Little People to play with:

Here she is sitting in her toy high chair-playing with her little people's car and her new doll.

Cup of Tea anyone?!

Markku gots lots of great toys-back hoe loader, tonka tow truck, pirate ship, race cars and even a new camara:

He LOVES his new camera and took 480 or so pictures the first day! Here is a sampling:

One of his first-very blurry. I think it is Mummo

then later this more in focus one of Isa

And still blurry but a favorite of mine: Suvi

Today Mummo came to babysit while I did some errands. Things always get a little crazy with Mummo around. Markku found some Styrofoam and had an indoor snow storm:

He said, "uh-oh we better clean up. Mommy will be mad! And it was so staticky they had to vacuum it all up!

Here is Suvi braving the cold snowstorm! (Actually she is trying on her snow suit we rented for our upcoming trips to the Oregon Mountains and Finland).
Ok, back to Christmas: Here is the Jumpy house our family in Denmark sent the kids! It was a favorite as well. These are action shots!

Markku and Suvi spent a night in San Antonio at the Riverwalk with Mummo and Ukki to see the lights and right the boat and trolley. They had a great time and Mommy and Isa had a date night!

Dancing on steps at SA Riverwalk

Snuggling with Ukki
Markku had a school Christmas program. They had each class of preschoolers and Moms Day Out kids sing a song and tell the story of Christmas. It was really great-if you knew a kid in the class!

Markku was a shepherd
Since we last updated you, Markku learned to ride his bike (well, it has training wheels). He rides very well, up and down hills, on the trails in our neighborhood and even at Mummo and Ukki's. He even rode 2.3 miles with me and Heikki one day!

This fall we enrolled Markku in a soccer league in San Marcos. At first, he wouldn't leave the bleachers. Then the next week he stood there while Heikki moved his foot for him! then finally he figured it out and had a great time! He will kick the ball into the net and yell "I win!"

Turns out Suvi loves soccer as well.
Ok, so I know this was a little out of order and all, but at least I posted something! Next year I will try to be better about it. My christmas gift was a new laptop-and since my keyboard no longer works on my other computer....I guess that is a good thing!
We are off to spend New Year's with my in-laws in Oregon. The kids will see snow for the first time-well Markku saw it in Alaska when he was 4 mos old, but I don't think he remembers it very well!

Happy New Year everyone!

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Ginny said...

A great update! It really was a fun December and a great Christmas. The styrofoam snow storm was so much fun!