Monday, January 19, 2009

Suvi pulled herself up on the ottoman on Jan 4. She is now pulling up on anything she can-furniture, people, Tillie and even trying to walk from one thing to the next. She falls often, but doesn't seem to mind most of the time. She is still army crawling but she is FAST and kind of gets up on her knees.

She is eating finger foods herself-most get in her mouth. Her pincher grasp is really good and she can find even the smallest piece of dirt or a leaf, etc. on my floor. She even ate an apple slice the other day (I thought she would just gnaw on it like a teether, but she actually ate the whole slice and wanted more!)

She has another ear infection, her third where she has needed antibiotics. She has had several other episodes with fluid in her ears. Our pediatrician is sending us to the ENT doctor for a consult. Heikki and I are happy-we were ready to go after her first one! We loved Markku's tubes. Ironically, his have fallen out and we are now keeping our fingers crossed that he won't need anymore placed. So far so good with him.

Markku is talking more and more every day. He is trying to learn his alphabet as well, and "spells" words. He points to all the different letters and randomly calls out letters. Sometimes he even gets them right. We have these foam alphabet letters in the bathtub and one night he was saying the letters and got 5 correct! Tonight he got 2 correct, but most nights they are just random. He wants me to spell everything though. We are also counting everything as 2. He wants me to count everything and say the real number, but he just says "2,2,2,2,2,2!" Today we were leaving music class and I was trying to get some errands done. I figured if I went to the mall to do most of them, then I wouldn't have to get back into the car so many times. So I headed to the mall. when we turned into the parking lot, Markku says "Here it is. Mar go mall now." I was amazed that he knew where the mall is. We do not go often and the last time was before Christmas. He always tells me when we are near our house and can even tell me which way to turn-when in the car or in the stroller/walking, and he knows mummo's house as well. He knows Gymboree and swimming, but those are all places we go to every week. When we drive at night he tells all the neighs (deer) to stay away, go night-night in trees! I appreciate that and so far have only had 1 deer and 1 raccoon disobey him. Luckily we didn't hit either!

Markku and Elizabeth

We had 2 play days this month. The first with a friends little girl Elizabeth. IT took about an hour and then after lunch they played together very well. Markku wanted her to go wherever he did! It worked out great. His second was his friend Donovan's birthday. He played piano and drove in a 4 x 4.

I have some great movies of the pianist and 4x4in toddlers, but have yet to learn how to post them. I will try again tomorrow as it is late-and in case anyone is still wondering, Suvi is NOT sleeping through the night yet! We are worse than when she was an infant (she gets up about 5 times a night!), probably because of her ear infection. And now she can get mad, mad, mad!

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