Saturday, November 15, 2008

Enough about Suvi...

So I started this blog just before Suvi was born. Poor Markku-his early days are not blogged. So, after I was looking through old photos, I decided to write one about his early days...he was a cutie! The above photo has always been one of my favorites.

This was his 20 week ultrasound Dec 21 2005

May 12,2006 Markku's birthday and his happy new parents!

Doesn't Heikki look so proud and happy to be a dad?!
Markku traveled lots as a baby. He went to Washington/Oregon, Alaska, Pennsylvania and NY all before he was 5 months old!

This is his first hike in the Alaska Wilderness (Sept 2006)

Traveling in style with Isa-in downtown Anchorage

Pastor Larry baptized him. We traveled all the way to Alaska for his baptism. I loved our church, Amazing Grace Lutheran Church and our Pastor (Larry Jorgenson).

His happy grandparents in Boerne, outside of San Antonio. The one with Ukki is his first football game. He fell asleep! He had to be held all the time-so we used the baby bjorn lots! And once again he was sleeping. If I didn't remember correctly, I would think he always slept! Look at this cute yawn:

But we used to try everything to get him to sleep through the night-even swaddling! Sound familiar-I guess my kids don't like sleeping!

Mummo Laukkanen and Markku-the perfect wedding date!

First concert in Zilker park-Blues on the green (July 2006) and first dance with a bride (cousin Katri Aug 2006)

First movie Pirates of the Caribbean (July 2006) and first airline flight (in the cockpit even-Aug 2006)
First train ride (Oregon Zoo in Portland)

I just always liked this photo. I wanted him to wear everything people gave us at least once. But cousin Katri sent these outfits too late (Markku was also a big boy) so I could barely squeeze him in this when it arrived. So we took a picture right away. She also made him this awesome hat he wore in Alaska to keep warm. Boy did we laugh at first since it was 100 degrees out when it arrived in the mail!

Snow?! In Texas? Fake snow in Boerne for their Christmas fair!
Ok I could keep going on and on...and maybe another day I will. It is great to relive these memories! I am too tired tonight and we are only 6 months into his life!!


Vetmommy said...

Those are great pictures! Good idea, the trip down memory lane. Maybe you could also post some pics comparing Markku and Suvi at similar ages or doing similar things. Ya know, in your spare time.

Kiri said...

I haven't seen a lot of Markku's baby pictures. I think Suvi looks a lot like him in the picture of him on Heikki's shoulders. You can tell they are related.

ColeBugsmommy said...

I loved the pictures. I wish I knew about blogging when Cole was first born. What a wonderful way to remember them.

Leah said...

thanks for sharing the pics.

Alissa said...

I loved your post of Markku. It was great to see his baby pics. Looks like he had a lot of really fun trips in his early days!

Ginny said...

THanks for a great walhk down memory lane---What a great idea! I loved seeing the pics again--and some I have never seen.
You are so good about keeping up your blog--wish I could be as consistant as you.